Every time winter rolls around, it creates the age-old question—what do I do about ice on my car? Even if you live in a fairly dry place, you still have to deal with ice just because of the temperature changes. The biggest problem with ice is that it’s dangerous. Not only can it get stuck on your car and damage your paint job, but it can also clog your windshield as well as get into your internal system.


So, take a look at some of these ice car options that you could be using during the colder months.


Don’t Use a Snow Shovel or Scraper on Your Car

You will scratch your car in two separate ways. To begin with, when removing snow or ice with a shovel or scraper, you risk scratching the vehicle. And if you can use the shovel lightly, keep in mind that the ice is very sharp. You must properly wipe it or your vehicle may be scratched.


Do Park Your Car Inside or Under a Cover

This should go without saying, so if you can park your car inside or under a cover, you can avoid ice build-up altogether. Of course, while you can keep your car out of the elements no matter the season, that isn’t always an option!

Do Wax Your Car after Every Wash

Keeping your car in the garage and getting it waxed is common sense, but a surprising number of people simply don’t do this. Waxing your car is doubly important if you have to keep your car outside year-round. The wax forms a protective layer of your car’s paint job having the dual effect of buffering against ice buildup while also providing a smooth surface for it to slide right off if ice does accumulate on your vehicle. This is just one of the many benefits of waxing your car.


Don’t Pour Hot Water on Your Car

Hot water seems to be the perfect option because it will easily dissolve ice, but it can just break the car’s paint job—and the window if you add it to the windshield. The heat causes the ice to compress abruptly. Instead, use lukewarm water to slowly melt the ice while still easing it off the car’s surface due to the water’s flow.


Do Wash Your Car Regularly

During the winter, you might not want to wash your car as often. The problem is that ice can buildup in places you might not be able to see such as the roof, side panel, and underneath the car. The ice may trap debris and other particles that may damage your car. For that reason, be sure to wash your car once every week or so so you can completely remove all the ice and any other items that may cause damage to the paint job. 

Easy & Amazing Car Solutions

Each year, many of us have to deal with ice and car problems. But with the right strategy, you can solve them in no time at all. Just follow these easy tips and you’ll be sure your car will always be looking great no matter what season it is! Head into one of our convenient locations and you can get your car washed in no time at all.