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How To Book

Booking is simple. Just follow these four steps.

Text the following information to (925) 922-2023 (preferred) or email Ted@teddent.com

(925) 922-2023 (preferred)

1. Include three photos of your damage.
a. Stand five feet away from the car.
b. Take one straight-on shot.
c. Take two photos that are at a 45-degree angle.
2. Include the make and model of your vehicle.
3. Include location preference.
a. It’s preferred that you come to the shop in Pleasanton.
b. If you require mobile service ($75 charge), please specify that, along with your location. Mobile service can be completed in a driveway or garage (not on the street).
4. You will receive a response, with a quote, within 24 hours. The work is typically completed in one day.